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Mixed / combined transportations

        Multimodal transportation is the transportation of cargos involving two or more modes of transport (rail, road, water, etc.). The need for this mode of transportation occurs when it is economically more beneficial than unimodal one. During the transportation management process particular attention is paid to the procedure of cargo transshipment. In most cases it is made directly from one mode to another without intermediate storage.

        PRIOR LOGIST Company recommends its customers to use combined transport directed:

        1 - the European Union countries (EU) - Regions of Russian Federation (RF), Kazakhstan and Central Asia;

        2 - China, regions of RF - the EU countries.

        The first direction (the European Union countries - Regions of Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Central Asia) implies that the load is taken by road from warehouse or manufacturing factory which is not equipped with receipt siding. Cargo is transported to the terminals of Hungary, Poland, Latvia, Belarus, where the delegation of responsibility procedure takes place and cargo is transferred to the appropriate type of rail tonnage for further shipment by broad-gauge railway (more info). PRIOR LOGIST Company uses the scheme "from 2 - 3 cars into 1  rail car ":



        The second direction (China, regions of RF - the EU countries) involves the loading of cargo into railway rolling stock from a shipper's warehouse or at the departure station. The cargo is transported to the terminal or a logistic center of Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine in the shortest possible time. Then the increments (lots) are formed from cargo and are being road transported to the warehouse of the consignee located in a EU country. In this case we use the scheme "from 1  rail car into 2 - 3 cars":


          During the process of multimodal transportation PRIOR LOGIST offers its clients a wide range of services, including:

        1. Consultation on choosing the optimal route and the transportation scheme;

        2. Selection of a suitable vehicle (car type) according to the characteristics of the cargo and lot size;

        3. Providing recommended guideline and scheming of cargo loading, securing and their coordination;

        4. Alignment of the loading date with the consignor and providing instructions on completing load tickets and shipping documents;

        5. Providing independent surveyor at the point of transport mode interchange;

        6. Cargo insurance;

        7. Tracking cargo on route and informing the customer about its location;

        8. Providing copies of shipping documents;

        9. Customs clearance of cargoes within the territory of the EU;

        10. Providing photo and video materials of cargo transfer process.

         Arranging multimodal transportation PRIOR LOGIST offers the benefits of successful professional experience, the possibility to assist in providing all-purpose vehicles of the common park as well as collaboration with partners who are professionals in their fields.

         We will be glad to develop mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation.

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