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        Cargo insurance is a guarantee of order and confidence within the process of transportation of your goods.


        Insurance is the relationship between the Insurant and the Insurer aimed to protect the property interests of the Insurant (or Beneficiary) and attributed to the damage, destruction or loss of cargos during transportation, storage, over load and transhipment.


        Traditionally, there are three options of insurance:

I. option (A) - "Liability for all risks";

II. option (B) - "Liability for loss and damage of cargo";

III. option (C) - "Limited liability for loss and damage of cargo".


        The insurance rate depends on the route, delivery terms, characteristics of the cargo and packaging, type of carrier vehicle and particulars of the transportation process which determine the          risk level.


        PRIOR LOGIST Company offers services of organization of cargo insurance. As agents we are able to insure your cargo at competitive rates. The insurance contract may be taken out for a period of a single consignment transportation or for a certain period of time. General insurance policy is also possible.


        An additional advantage of cargo insurance by the agency of PRIOR LOGIST is payment of an insurance policy after the inception date, i. e. simultaneously with payment of an account for the transport and logistics services.


        We will be glad to develop mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation.


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