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Industry solutions

We implement specially elaborated transportation and forwarding solutions for the following types of cargoes which are the products of the companies given as examples below:


I.      lumber;

II.     alcoholic products;

III.    package for production of juice and other beverages;

IV.    chemical goods, including ADR and liquid cargo;

V.     products that require special temperature conditions.


Due to the accumulated experience of transportation and forwarding of the mentioned types of cargo, due to the cooperation with leading international and Russian companies working in these fields, we distinguish the peculiarities of transportation, fixation, allocation inside the vehicle and other requirements for maximal safety of all the manipulations and activities connected with cargo transfer.


The range of our competencies in these industry solutions extends thanks to the opportunity to offer additional alternative variants of delivery schemes using combined and multi-modal transport and conjoining various means of transportation.



I.     Lumber


For export of lumber from the Russian Federation to the EU countries we offer a railway + motorway scheme which is an alternative to traditional motorway transportation or multimodal scheme via St. Petersburg.


Main advantages:


1)   more favorable price

- in comparison with motorway transportation;

- in comparison with multimodal scheme of transportation to: Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Check Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Balkan countries;


2)   the goods safety and quality assurance (1 reload instead of 2 / 3 at multimodal scheme);


3)  reduced transportation period (7 - 10 days shorter than at multimodal scheme);


4)   customs broker services saving (customs clearance of 1 gondola car instead of 2 / 3 containers or automobiles);


5)   free storage for up to 15 days.


Our services include:


  • batches size and packing optimization for the maximum use of the vehicle capacity in order to minimize price per 1 ton;
  • all necessary documents execution (including shipping, customs and quarantine control documents);
  • giving instructions for execution of Agreement on International Goods Transport by Rail, CMR, customs declaration;
  • provision of gondola car at loading point and motor vehicles at reloading point;
  • payment of railway tariff to reloading point and motorway transportation freight rate;
  • reloading from gondola car to motor vehicle, intermediate storage at both open and covered warehouses;
  • the goods fastening in the motor vehicle;
  • use of supporting materials for the goods displacement during storage and loading;
  • provision of reloading photo report.



II.     Alcoholic products


  • Transportation with all means of transport (by road, railway, sea)
  • Control of quality of goods for stock placement
  • Warehouses (stock rooms) of the ClassАin Poland, Hungary and Latvia, properly equipped for affixing with excise stamps
  • Affixing of excise stamps, stickers, labels to excise goods
  • Strict compliance with required temperature conditions
  • Picking of goods and record of goods traffic in the warehouse


Example: products of such European producers like Chiarli, CantineQuattroValli, Maison-Bouey.



III.     Package for production of juice and other beverages


  • Cargo transportation by road, as well as combined transportation which involves transportation by road and by railway which significantly optimizes costs calculated as per ton of cargo
  • Consolidation in the warehouse, record of cargo traffic in the warehouse, self-planning and formation of cargo consignments for forwarding
  • A set of measures to guaranteemaximalsafety of goods during storage, transshipment and transportation
  • Provision of required cleanliness and tidiness at all the stages of work with the given products


Example: transportation of package of the Coca-Cola company (the Russian Federation).



IV.     Chemical goods, including ADR and liquid cargo


  • Transportation of goods that belong to any ADR class
  • Transportation of liquid cargo
  • Use of all means of transportation (by road, railway, sea), including combined transport
  • Elaborated allocation and fixation schemes in the combined mode of transportation with transshipment from truck into train
  • Customs processing in the Republic of Belarus and in the Russian Federation


Example: our work with the products of such leading international production companies like ExxonMobil, Borealis, SOLVAY, SABIC, SIGroup, Hüttenes-Albertus, IVMChemicals.



V.     Products that require special temperature conditions


  • Transportation with all means of transport (by road, railway, sea)
  • In case of road transportation it is possible to accept an order for provision of means of transport 2 working days before the required data of shipping
  • Strict compliance with time schedule and transportation conditions
  • Strict compliance with sanitary rules and regulations
  • If required we can provide refrigerated transportation equipped with thermograph that allows to get a thermogram of temperature regimes during transportation at the delivery point
  • Opportunity of transportation of various products of this type (food products, medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic products, etc.)
  • Opportunity of provision of any required types of rolling stock:

-       Insulated vans;

-       Two-compartment cold storage trucks with simultaneous support of plus and minus temperature regimes

-       Cold storage trucks with reefer equipment;

-       Two-level cold storage trucks


Example: transportation of products of this type for a network of food stores «Monetka» (Russian Federation), a network of supermarkets «Rublevski» (Republic of Belarus).