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Railroad freight transportations

        Railroad freight transportations is one of the most beneficial ways of cargo delivery, as it combines low cost and high reliability of transportation. Fairly high speed, considerable carrying ability, the regularity of communication are the main benefits of freight by rail.

        PRIOR LOGIST Company offers its customers the following services: 

  1. Consultations on the organization of railroad freight transportation;
  2. The calculation of rail transportation tariffs;
  3. The selection and calculation of optimal transportation route;
  4. Organization of transportation by means of all types of rolling stock (rail car, gondola, platform, refrigerated section, a thermos, low- and high-capacity containers);
  5. Organization of transportation of oversized, heavy, dangerous, sensitive cargos;
  6. Payment of consignment carriage within the railways of the EU and the CIS;
  7. Preparation of transportation documentation;
  8. Tracking cargos on route and everyday informing the customer about its location;

        Advantage of PRIOR LOGIST Company is the ability to assist in providing of a universal rolling-stock of the total fleet within the territory of Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria and Turkey, as well as extensive experience in management of cost-effective schemes of cargo transshipment:

  • from 1 rail car to 1 rail car

 rail 1-1

  • from 3 small 20-ton narrow-gauge rail cars to 1 multi-purpose broad-gauge freight

rail 3-1

  • from 1 rail car of higher capacity to 2 rail cars

 rail 1-2

        Advantages and disadvantages of rail transport.

+ Integrity of the railroad transport against climatic conditions, seasons and time of day. High frequency of the railroad transport. Relatively fast speed of cargos delivery over long distances. Convenience of load and upload processing. Relatively low prime cost of railroad freight transportation and the availability of discounts.

- Low access to end points of consumption. Low cargo safety in the course of railroad freight transportation. Limited number of carriers.

        We will be glad to develop mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation.

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