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Multimodal container transportations

        Multimodal container transportation is the transportation of cargo in a cargo transporter involving  various types of transport - road, rail, water - while cargo remains settled and intact.

        In the process of  multimodal container shipping cargo must be primarily delivered from the consignor's warehouse to the port or railway station of departure or loading terminal. Next, the primary transportation process takes place which is followed by the delivery of cargo from the port or railway station to the destination warehouse. Multimodal container transportation is used for various purposes: to ensure the integrity of cargo, to reduce the cost of small stores transportation and the time of delivery (route length - more than 4000 km).

        PRIOR LOGIST Company recommends its customers to use multimodal container shipping directed:

1.  The EU countries - Regions of Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaidzhan,      Georgia and countries of Central Asia;

2.  China, Kazakhstan, regions of RF - the EU countries.

        Empty cargo transporter (container) is provided for upload to the consignor's warehouse or manufacturing factory. Container type is assigned according to the quantity and weight of the cargo:


Containers of the common park of БЧ   (по ГОСТ 18477-79)


Number of europallets,



            Cargo Gross Weight,








20 (h=2.1m)



24 (High Cube) (h=2.3m)



40 (h=2.1m)



40 (High Cube) (h=2.3m)



         Next, cargo is transported according to one of the following schemes:

  • Warehouse - road - terminal - railway station - road - warehouse
  • Warehouse - rail - railway station - road - warehouse
  • Warehouse - road - port - water - port - road - warehouse
  • Warehouse - rail - port - water - port - road - warehouse
  • Warehouse - road - port - water - port - rail - warehouse
  • Warehouse - rail - port - water - port - rail - warehouse

        These are the most frequently used schemes of  multimodal container transportation. In order to choose the most effective scheme, it is necessary to calculate the cost and timeframe of all possible routes and analyze these data.

        During the process of multimodal container shipping PRIOR LOGIST offers its clients the following services:

1. Consultation on choosing the optimal route and the transportation scheme;

2. Selection of a suitable container according to the characteristics of the cargo;

3. Alignment of the loading date with the consignor and providing instructions on completing load tickets and shipping documents;

4. Cargo insurance;

5. Tracking cargo on route and informing the customer about its location;

6. Providing copies of shipping documents;

7. Customs clearance of cargoes within the territory of the EU.

        We will be glad to develop mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation!

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