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Groupage cargo transportations

        Groupage cargo transportation is a delivery of small consignments from different senders to different recipients by means of one carrier vehicle. The formation of the groupage cargo lot takes place in the departure warehouse, where each consignment of goods are delivered separately. In the country of destination the delivery of each consignment can be arranged to the door of the consignee (TD-PRO) by means of the initial carrier vehicle or involving transfer of cargo to the warehouse, depending on economic feasibility.


        This mode of small consignments transportation is the most economically expedient because the client pays only for the room occupied by its cargo instead of the charter of a freight vehicle.


        PRIOR LOGIST Company offers its clients:  


1.    Transportation of groupage cargo of different volumes and weights from the EU countries to Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and countries of Central Asia by road and rail;

2.    Consolidation of several consignments from different senders to the address of one recipient and the subsequent dispatch of the whole lot to the recipient;

3.    A wide range of warehouse services at depots of Germany, Poland, Latvia (storage, consolidation, repackaging, labeling, excise labeling, transportation and customs clearance documents processing);

4.    Everyday supply of information about the cargo location for the client.


        PRIOR LOGIST has the advantage of a broad network of partners in Europe and the convenient geographical location of consolidation warehouses. We provide competitive rates, optimal terms of delivery and quality service.


        We will be glad to develop mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation.


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