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Goods storage

        In the process of cargo transportation there often appears a necessity in warehousing of the goods to form the required consignment, to control the quality and quantity of the delivered goods, to optimize temporary storage expenses, to prepare some additional documents as required by the customs broker.


        Modern warehouse complexes of Germany (Magdeburg), Poland (Bialystok), Latvia (Riga) providing serious capabilities and broad experience are at the disposal of customers of PRIOR LOGIST. They offer the following services:  


  • Short- and long-term storage of all types of cargo within the indoor heated or common depots, in open areas;
  • Weighing of cargos;
  • Consolidation and consignment;
  • Packing and repacking, palletizing;
  • Marking and excise and sticker labeling;
  • Loading and unloading operations, securing of loads in vehicles;
  • Sampling and sampling, inspection for condition and count;
  • Providing photo and video reports of cargo condition;
  • Processing documents;
  • Reliable insurance coverage of depot processing.


        We will be glad to develop mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation.


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