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Automobile cargo transportations

        Automobile cargo transportations (Truck transport) is the most common mode of door-to-door cargo delivery because of the manoeuvring ability of rolling stock, lack of need for special expensive infrastructure at loading and unloading sites, high technical speed movement of carrier vehicles, as well as the speed of loading and unloading operations.


        PRIOR LOGIST Company offers its client the following types of automobile cargo transportation:

1. Cargo transportation by means of standard cars with awning covered cargo compartment with capacity of 1000 kg to 23000 kg, cargo volume of 15 m3 to 120 m3;

2. Dangerous goods transportation (ADR);

3. Cargo transportation by means of refrigerator trucks in compliance with the specified temperature conditions throughout the entire route.


        Our company has a fleet of 25 units of rolling stock - long haul trucks with cargo volume space from 86 to 110 m3. We constantly renovate our rolling stock to avoid any unplanned downtime due to technical faults in the process of cargo transportation. All vehicles of our company are not more than 3 years old.

        Considerable attention is paid to the selection, training and instruction of drivers. Drivers who are admitted to carry on the international routes are professionals.

        Advantages and disadvantages of road transport:

+ The possibility of door-to-door cargo delivery by means of automobile transportation. The possibility to use different routes, dispatch of cargo in small lots. Ample opportunities to choose the most suitable carrier. Besides, road transport regulations presuppose the least stringent requirements for packaging of goods.

- Dependence of road transport on weather and road conditions. The relatively high prime cost of road transport. Abundance of environmentally harmful emissions and noise. Urgency of upload. Possible pilferage and theft of motor vehicles. Relatively small capacity of road transport.

        We will be glad to develop mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation.


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