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       PRIOR LOGIST Company is open for long-term cooperation with transport companies, warehouses and terminals, logistics centers and operators, owners and operators of rolling stock, owners of high-capacity containers, customs brokers and agents. Our market knowledge, connections and provisions will help you to use the tools of your business more profitably.


       In its turn PRIOR LOGIST guarantees safe and timely payments, responsibility for assumed liability, consistency of the agreed scope of work, privacy of data exchange.


       Our policy is a mutually beneficial long-term cooperation.


       You are welcome to apply to the our specialists on all issues of cooperation.


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If you are interested in mutually beneficial cooperation with PRIOR LOGIST, please fill in and submit the form. Within 2 days our specialist will contact you.

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Among Our Partners

TransRail Ukraine

Founded in 1996. Engaged in railroad freight activity. One of the leaders of the freight market in Ukraine. It transfers about 1.5 million tons of cargo every year.


Founded in 2003 by the Russian Federal Ministry of Transportation for railway transportation of goods in containers. It is the largest intermodal container transportation company in Russia. 


The company was established by the Belarusian Railway in 2009. It is the largest railway container transportation company in Belarus.