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General principles

       Our principles help us to clarify what is important for us, so that we can draw upon these principles and go on with permanent increase of our services quality in order to provide you with the complete solution to your current tasks.


       Efficiency. We know that most of freight owners require promptness from transportation companies in everything - starting from the speed of cargo delivery up to giving the required information at any stage of cooperation.  That is why we are always looking for means of time reduction and increase of promptness and efficiency in our work.


       Authenticity. We understand that authenticity of the given information is very important for making right decisions that is why we do our utmost to give only verified information.


       Flexibility. It is guaranteed due to a wide range of cargo delivery schemes. If a client doesn't like the suggested solution, we are looking for another optimal solution that would respond to the client's requirements.


       Availability. We are available 7 days per week at any time from 8am until 9pm and we try to help in any situation and to solve any arising problem.


       Safety. We fully understand that safety of your cargo during its transportation is one of the main requirements. That is why before starting the cooperation we evaluate risks carefully in order to guarantee safe-keeping and integrity of the cargo entrusted to us. The additional warranty is stipulated by the current general cargo insurance agreement, CMR insurance of own and engaged means of transportation.


       Reliability. It is guaranteed due to careful choice of our partners and constant improvement of our services quality.  Our reliability is proven by working experience with transit of cargos of leading international and Russian companies.