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As a logistics operator the company is ready to offer:


  • all-in-one transportation and logistics solutions on the basis of Your branch specificity, necessities and goals - development of optimal schemes of cargo movement and combination of different types of vehicles, arrangement of transportation, warehousing, as well as other necessary links of the logistics chain


  • international cargo transportation by automobiles within the EU and the Customs Union (Republic of Belarus, Russian Federation, Republic of Kazakhstan)

- own park of 30 road-trains with tautliners from 90 to 116 m3;

- attracted park of more than 400 our partners (tautliners, refrigerators, trucks with capacity from 1000 kg to 23000 kg and volume from 15 to 120 m3, including for dangerous cargo transportation)


  • railroad freight transportation - by leased rolling stock - within the Russian Federation (from the Siberian and Ural Federal Districts to the Central and Far Eastern ones), as well as within the Customs Union countries

- by thermos cars re-equipped from refrigerator sections

- by universal rail cars

- by 20-, 40-feet containers


  • combined cargo transportation from the EU to the Customs Union countries (by automobiles in Europe, and then by rail)


  • multimodal container cargo transportation from the South-Eastern Asia to Belarus and Russia


  • automobile groupage cargo transportation from Europe to the Customs Union countries (the minimum consignment is one europallet)


  • customs registration in the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation of cargo transported by road or rail


  • insurance, help in paperwork, as well as a complex of other services for "door-to-door" transportation arrangement