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Our story begin in 2003 year...


  • 2003: the transportation company "EuroAutoTrans" was founded (Klimovsk, the Russian Federation)


  • 2004: 10 road trains with a semi-trailer of 82 cbm volume have been bought


  • 2005 г.: entry into the ASMAP (The Association of International Road Transport Carriers, the Russian Federation)


  • 2006 - 2007: the truck fleet expanded to 20 road trains, semi trailers with 116 cbm volume


  • 2008 - 2010: complete renovation of all the vehicles and trucks, the truck fleet increased to 25 road trains


  • 2011: after 8 years of presence at the market of international cargo transportation the company gained priceless experience, reputation, stable relationship with business partners that became friends. In order to develop international experience and to increase the number of locations and services concerning transportation and logistics, the company PRIOR LOGIST Ltd. was founded (Minsk, Republic of Belarus)


  • 2012: the truck fleet extended to 30 road trains


  • 2013: entry into the Belarusian Association of International Forwarders


At the moment our truck fleet includes 30 renovated trucks of leading global truck producers with cargo space that varies from 90 to 116 cbm equipped with satellite communication.